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Watch out for these tests and reviews in TOUR INT # 6/2015:

Report: training with a power meter

Steering your power - Does training with a power meter offer advantages, and how does one go about it? For the first time, the twelve amateurs from our Team TOUR powered by Bulls used power meters throughout the season. We accompanied the training camp launch on the island of Majorca. Read the full report in issue # 6/2015

TEST: 32 cycling shorts

Remain seated - Does a pair of cycling shorts really have to cost € 200 / $ 224 / £ 148* so you can sit on the saddle for hours without a problem? Or are affordable shorts for € 60 / $ 68 / £ 45* good enough? We tested a total of 32 cycling shorts for men and women to get to the bottom of this question. Read the results in issue # 6/2015

Test: online merchants

Is direct better ? Dealers located in brick-and-morter bike stores have a hard time competing with the price advantage of online merchants. But how do direct sellers do when it comes to the strengths of classic dealers, namely in the buying process, bike assembly and service? Incognito, we ordered four carbon bikes costing around € 2000 / $ 2239 / £ 1478* from four Internet vendors. Read the results in issue # 6/2015

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